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TL:DR Daily meditation has helped my insomnia, stress and depression. It just takes a little commitment and an open mind.

I just want to first and foremost apologize for my disappearance and lack of consistent content. I really don’t have a good excuse other than I don’t know what to really write about currently. I’ve been contemplating what I want to focus on and how I want to structure the arrival of my content and it’s been no short of difficult. The one thing I will try to hold myself accountable to, is to make a post once a week whether it’s small, long, thoughtful or just a quick read. Consistency is key to success! So, starting next week I will be posting every Thursday night so it is available Friday morning and right before the weekend. Thank you to my few followers that have been along for this crazy ride, I really do appreciate your support and if you have a topic or thoughts on any of the posts, please leave a comment! Thank you for your patience!

For the past month or so, I’ve been practicing guided meditation using a great app that was recommended to me called Headspace. I can safely say that my life has improved drastically with the 10 minutes a day I spend just getting my head straight. Don’t get me wrong, I was skeptical at first and a little closed minded at the idea behind it. I had an impression that doing anything with 100% focus could be considered a form of meditation because you needed to have a lot of concentration to focus on a single task for an extended period of time. My pseudo source of ‘meditation’ was going to the gym and getting a good workout in. After going through the 10 day trial on the app, I realized that I was very wrong. So, I just wanted to share my experience with guided meditation.


One of the big things that a lot of successful and very busy people have in common is that they practice some form of meditation. This was the draw for me, mostly the busy part and partially the successful part. Essentially the underlying question is, “How do these very busy people maintain their sanity with all the stuff they need to do in order to become or stay successful?” Part of that answer is meditation and it makes so much sense now after trying it out for a month. The amount of mental control and focus I’ve gained is amazing and I’ve only cracked the surface of unlocking the full potential and benefits. This is definitely starting to sound like an ad for the app and I want to say right now that I have no affiliation with Headspace nor are they paying me to say any of this. I’m a tiny blog with a handful of posts. No company would sponsor someone this small at this stage. Maybe someday.


Anyway, like I said above, I started about a month ago with a 10-day free trial that was an intro to meditation. I dedicated 10 minutes every morning, right after I brushed my teeth but right before I would go to the gym, to sitting down with an open mind and no expectations other than listening to the instructions in the short audio. Structure and consistency is key with this. I recommend setting an alarm to remind you to meditate around the same time every day. It’s really only 10 minutes, don’t press the snooze button that third time and get up 10 minutes earlier so you can add the 10 minutes of setting your mind right in the morning. Trust me it’s worth it. I’ve started days without a little meditation and I could feel that my mood and my concentration was drastically different. So, like any good habit, practice makes perfect and consistency is the key. After the trial, I ended up buying the year subscription to gain access to the other guided sessions that included more in-depth meditation skills and emergency sessions for when I’m having an anxiety attack or in a very stressed out mood. There are also other sessions for working through stress, depression, productivity, patience and happiness. So many sessions that it’ll keep me busy for a while.


Two of the biggest things that this has helped me with is my smoking and my insomnia. I can say that taking 10-minute session when I’m extremely stressed or going through the evening session to drift off into sleep has already paid for the cost of the app. To put it into perspective, I’ve smoked cigarettes for about 10 years now and have constantly tried to quit every year. Working in the restaurant industry makes it very difficult. I’ve also had chronic insomnia for the past 5 years and have tried numerous concoctions and medications to knock myself out at night. Adding a little meditation every day has really helped with both of these problems I’ve had.


Like anything, learning a new skill can be difficult. There are days that I skipped my morning session and there are days where I can’t focus during my sessions. This seems to be normal though. It just takes some time and patience and an open mind to trying something new. I have days where I’ll go through the session like it’s a chore, just to get it over with, but at the end I find myself disappointed that I allotted the time to try to align my thoughts and I just ran through the session. I think you want to try to get into guided meditation, you have to allow yourself to be ok with using that time. After all time is the most precious commodity we have. There are days where I wake up late and literally cannot fit it into my schedule, which in turn I just try to schedule 10 minutes at a later time or just allow myself to be ok with missing the day. That’s one of the biggest ideals I found with meditation. There is a lot of acceptance involved with yourself and with the world surrounding you. This makes sense though because if you can accept things about yourself and accept things going on around, then you can’t be stressed or bothered by them.


All in all, I’m a month in and feeling a lot better mentally. I highly recommend adding some guided meditation into your lives. Definitely start with guided because it’ll help build a strong foundation for some self-meditation down the road. I’ve been using an app called Headspace and they have a really nice 10-day trial. If you are still skeptical after the trail and want to have an extended trial, I have a code for a free month subscription, available to my readers and followers. Just leave a comment now and hit me up 10 days later about your experience or thoughts or if you just want some more time. I get the codes for consistently using the app on a daily basis so like I said above, Headspace isn’t paying me! I just started the “Pro” sessions and I can’t wait to continue into more of the other programs. Hope y’all enjoyed this post and like I said, hopefully after this week I’ll be posting every Thursday night starting next week.


Peace, love and chicken grease mis amigos!

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